Sunday 12th April, Day 15

The day before we had 100km/h wind, by Sunday the wind had all died down, which was very fortunate, so we decided to restart the expedition at 12 o’clock midday, and start walking again. We were walking up on the eastside of Bathurst Island through rubble fields. When I say rubble fields, I mean fields of snow made of blocks of ice from the size of bricks to the size of dogs and cats, they were all over the place, which made it very difficult. We started at 12pm and stopped for the day already at 6pm. We only walked for 6 hours that day and did 10 nautical miles, which was all very disappointing.

Icy Boots

Icy Boots

On a positive note, then for the first time since I put my boots on at the beginning of the expedition, I wasn’t freezing. The last three days I hadn’t been able to feel my feet. When we got to the last checkpoint, I took off my boots and looked inside them, I realized that the inside of both my boots were covered with ice. All the sweat from my feet had accumulated and formed a layer of ice around my feet. I had to hack away the ice using a knife. My boots were still wet, so what I did was taking a plastic bag and wrapped it around my feet before I put my boots back on. For the first time during the expedition, I had warm feet and it felt great.

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