Monday 13th April, Day 16

Monday 13th April, Day 16

It was -30°C and we had a 9 km/h wind. Although it was minus 30, it felt much cooler because of the wind. The hardest part that day was definitely the wind and it really cut through. We woke up, packed the camp and left at around 9 o’clock. I was skiing as usual, but because we were going through rubble fields, I managed to break one of my ski bindings, which was a real shame as we only have three spare bindings. As a temporary solution my teammate JP gave me his ski, as he was walking. We only walked 11.1 nautical miles that day and camped at around 6 o’clock in the evening.



I used the iPod I got for my birthday for the first time. Believe it or not, but I had never used an iPod before and it took me a while to figure it out. Fortunately Hi FM had uploaded a lot of music to it. It was interesting to notice the music playing, every single song and lyrics seemed to have a meaning, such as “You can do it put your back into it” with Ice Cube. So many songs had lyrics related to never giving up, which was great listening to walking along. Throughout the hours we walked, well JP walked and I skied, but we could move forward parallel with one another and we had a long chat. That chat gave me a completely painless hour, just talking to someone, taking your mind of the whole thing and the torture we are subjecting ourselves to. The distraction was enough to make it less painful. Someone commented that for the first time I seemed to be fully acclimatized and coping well with the weather, however not long after that comment was made, I began to get frost burn in two of my fingers, two of the fingers I had already frost burnt earlier.

We camped together with the Italian and two other teams that night, for security and safety sakes.

One little thing that made a huge difference to our life in the Arctic was simply a small adjustment in our daily routines. In the tent at night, we all have our small pee-bottles. We use them when we have to go to the bathroom at night, so we don’t have to go outside. We pee into these bottles and then pour it away in the morning. One of the team members suggested we use the bottle before we go to sleep, empty it and then use it as a hot water bottle to keep us warm at night. Having a hot water bottle keeping my feet warm at night made a world of a difference and gave me such a warm and good nights sleep for once

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