“Weather” continues and “suffering” – 16th April, 2009

Updates courtesy of Polar Race 2009:

The weather where we need to touch down to set up Checkpoint Two is unfortunately being a bit “prohibitive”.

The weather in Resolute was fine to start with then gradually deteriorated as the day went on and that combined with a mechanical problem with the only aircraft available to us meant that our early weather window to get into our second checkpoint (which is located to the North of Bathurst Island) disappeared. We have also been in contact with our racers during the day and they confirmed that the weather further north from them is not suitable for landing a plane.

With the weather becoming pretty wild outside, our checkpoint crew will be delayed until at least Friday evening. As before we are at the mercy of the weather, but that is the way of things here.

Still the racers are well prepared for the eventuality that they arrive before we set up checkpoint and understand that the weather plays a big part in the timing. The teams are concentrating on the race as the distance between them gets smaller. Be sure to check on their progress on our map.

And “Suffering”

-50 isn't even on this thermometer

-50 isn't even on this thermometer

I noticed today that for the first time since we arrived the temperature at -17 degree centigrade was normal for the time of the year! It has up to now been at least 10 degrees below normal. The lowest having been -51°C (with wind chill). Certainly I have felt for this year’s racers who have had a “tough” initiation.

All this during Global warming!

At the same time local tests are showing the sea ice much thinner than normal this year and it is expected that much of the area will be open water during the summer.

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