Thursday 16th April, Day 19

Thursday 16th April, Day 19

This is out 10th day walking to the North Pole. The temperature is -20°C and the wind is again the most dominating factor, making the temperature instantly bitterer. We walked 11.8 nautical miles and progressed very fast. At the end of the day we finished only 60 nautical miles from checkpoint 2, which is basically half way between checkpoint 1 and 2.

Today was another day of low moral though. I didn’t manage to talk to the radio station and I didn’t manage to talk to Maria, which I always look forward to. I felt a bit like being part of Big Brother, the TV-show. At the end of the day everyone submits their diary and viewpoints to the diary and documentary. A lot of things that had been said and a lot of things that had been done were really starting to irritate me. It was starting to create friction, though some of it were small things, that under normal circumstances wouldn’t bother you. But in the end it all just started to irritate despite making lots of jokes and you just lose your temper.


I received 14 messages on my satellite phone from friends and family and even people I don’t know. Most of them just said “You can do it!” which I didn’t take much comfort from, since they don’t know what we are experiencing and what I am capable off, but there were also some really nice ones with jokes and messages with love and support from friends and family.

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