More Teams Arrive At Checkpoint Two – 19th April, 2009

Polar Race Update:

Two of the five teams have arrived at Checkpoint Two, with the rest due in tomorrow evening.

Second in to CP2, having been the early favourites for winning the race, were Northern Lights. Knowing the individuals concerned, I suspect this is the spur needed to make them pull out all stops…

In the first leg they were hampered by a navigational error on their part. They have paid the price for that error ever since and we have yet to see he best of them.

The team is made up of “marketing men”. Ed Crowe who was so determined to do the race that he had remedial surgery done on his body. Julian Evans, who seems naturally gifted at all that he does and quiet but superfit “Pringles” marketing manager Adrian Wells. Only one guess as to what is in his daybag!

I suspect their day is still to come as determination is not short in supply and they hate to be beaten.

Magnetic Attraction and the Bear.

A large male bear took a more than curious look at Magnetic Attraction’s tent in the early hours of this morning. Prompt action by Lucas Bateman soon had it ambling off disconsolately. It was only curious after all but I suspect sleep was in short supply for the rest of the night. That will be a story never forgotten and told often!

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  1. mrred says:

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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