The going gets better and “Sinbad” – 28th April, 2009

Updates courtesy of Polar Race:

The going gets better and “Sinbad” – 28th April, 2009

Teams reported in tonight having made excellent progress on the flatter ice and now better conditions over the Noice Peninsula. When one considers that in the 2005 race we had one team – “The Gentlemen Adventurers” (James Laban and Will Morton) – cover the distance from Checkpoint Three (albeit 15 miles shorter) in under 24hrs one gets an idea just how bad conditions are and just how difficult it has been. Our Checkpoint Team is also still up in the running despite carrying extra weight from the last Checkpoint.

All to play for yet!

All will arrive at the Pole and the finish line tomorrow barring injuries.

What is needed now are some planes and weather conditions they can fly in and some snow they can land on.

Global warming is here.


Another famous Omani!

Sindbad - Another Famous Omani

Sindbad - Another Famous Omani

Before night falls tomorrow Nabs will be saying his prayers to the Lord our creator.

The first Arab to walk to a Pole. A terrific effort as it was not at all easy for him. He was suffering from severe Arctic “shock” in the first few days of being here especially when the temperature hit -51 degrees. Without the extreme patience and understanding of his team-mates Claire and J-P it could well have been a different story. J-P to use an old phrase has been a “brick” throughout shouldering a lot of the load, while Claire who is as strong as an ox laughs at every opportunity. The fact that they will probably finish 3rd overall reflects the progress they have made as a team since training week.

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