School Visit Wed 6th May 2009

IMG_0565cAfter only arriving in Bahrain on Tuesday, I went the very next morning to a school to see the kids. I had been there before the expedition and they were so enthusiastic and well behaved, it gave me a real buzz to be there. So despite hobbling from my battered toes, I wanted to go for a quick visit before my flight to Muscat and see them again.

And what a reception I got! I was recieved by a tunnel of applauding kids and then had an hour and a half of attentive questions and answers, before having to cut short so I could catch my plane…and then 2 days later I got this message from one of the teachers…

Nabs, I just want to share with you something that happened yesterday at school. I teach a group of 6 kids who share varying degrees of dyslexia. One of the boys was having a really big moan at me as he hates to do the word searches that I give them to do. I told him that maybe he doesn’t like them because he is not too good at them, but if he practises he will get better. He was having none of it. One of the other kids pipes up, ‘Remember what Nabs said? He said that he did not like to get up every morning and walk. But he still did it. Nabs said you have to keep on trying and never give up.’ With that my little word search hater smiled and got back to work. Thought you might like to know that you have made a difference in my little group’s lives! Take care of yourself, E x

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