Circus Orange

Mo organised a group of us to go see this performance at the Bahrain Internatinoal Exhibition cnetre. Billed as a cross between Cirque du Soleil and a fireworks display. I was still feeling dislocated by my North Pole experience and preferring to shun large groups, but I forced myself to go, defaulting to my maxim that if I have nothing constructive scheduled, then there is no reason to opt out.

Although this Canadian company obviously have great shows, as shown in the clip, the Bahrain show was tame in comparison to that advertised. They even had guys on old penny farthings cycling around for several minutes…that’s it. Just going around in circles! The only display I found interesting was one of the ladies who did a gymnastic display suspended from a large ring. The upper body strength needed had me intrigued, but otherwise the general feeling was that it was a waste of half a dinar, it was that poor!

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