Madagascar 2

super-penguinsJust watched this for the first time last night, and it was an above average cartoon, with a pretty standard story line, but yet again, King Julien and the penguins stole the show.

King Julien

“You, in-flight slave… Bring me my nuts on a silver patter.”
“Excuse me, this is first class, its nothing personal, it’s just that we’re better than you”
“AAAAH! Mort! He’s so annoying! Don’t let him on! Stop that thing! He’s carrying scissors and hand cream!”


“Maternity leave?! You’re all males!”
“There is no sacrifice greater than someone elses.”
“In case of a loss of cabin pressure, place the mask over your face to hide your terrified expression from the other passengers.”

Gloria: “Where are we?”
Melman: “San Diego. This time I’m forty percent sure.”me2a2

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