5 Star Dining

A long time ago, whilst I was still at university and struggling with cooking for myself, I devised what I consider a much more relevant system for grading a dining experience.

Stars are awarded to a dining experience on the basis of one star for each of one of the following…

  1. I didn’t have to cook it
  2. I didn’t have to wash up
  3. I didn’t have to pay for it
  4. I got to choose the menu
  5. I ate with friends or pleasant company

5 star foodSo a meal at a restaurant generally would be a four star meal, (assuming you have to pay) whereas a meal cooked by yourself in halls would generally be a one star meal. (assuming you chose what to eat)

I was recently reminded of this star system in Denmark, where I have been eating the best food cooked for me, and although I have to wash up and I am not choosing the menu, making it a 3 star meal, it certainly feels 5 star!

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