B + F Roadside Diner

This review does not really come under restaurants in Bahrain, but I love this restaurant and nearly always find an excuse to eat there when I am in Oman. In fact, in the 5 days I was in Oman this week, I went 3 times, and that was only because I was trying my best to avoid going there!

Boutique Burger

Boutique Burger

Burger Boutique in Kuwait, was the Middle East’s first gourmet burger joint. Specializing in a wide array of classic and gourmet burgers as well as mouth watering sliders and sides !

B+F Roadside Diner is the Oman franchise, and going by what I have seen, it should be a hit wherever they open. The interior is a stylised retro 50’s diner from the US, with imagery reminiscent of the Nevada desert and approaches to Las Vegas.

One of their signature items is the slider burger. These are mini burgers, and so rather than order one larger burger, we tend to order several different slider burgers so that we can have different flavours.

However there are some complaints. Since opening the Diner hasn’t had several menu items available, and every time we order, there is at least one item that can’t be served.

But with prices attractively low, and food wonderfully different, I wish there was an outlet in Bahrain. 8/10

B + F

B + F


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