Sloth is a Luxury

Today I took advantage of the worst and best feature of Bahrain. Home delivery! And I am not talking about food delivery. Today, I left the ranks of amateurs and joined the pros. My car had been in the garage and needed picking up. Normally this would have involved a 40 min drive there, 20 min chatting sorting out paperwork, and 40 min drive back, if there was no traffic. Instead I asked them to deliver it, and a tow truck dropped off the car for BHD10, which considering it saved me 2 hours to work on more important things, seemed money well spent.

I had intended to go to Kanoo Travel to buy my ticket to Chile, as I couldn’t do the complicated transfers and connections on line with British Airways, but I wasn’t looking forward to fighting my way into the souq, so instead I decided to do it by phone. Not such a lazy decision as it took the travel agent several hours and several follow up phone calls to get my itinerary together, again saving me valuable time to get on with preparations.

And finally, I had ordered more embroidered patches made by a company in Sitra. They are very quick and do a great job, but the nightmare is getting to them across the Sitra bridge, the site of my car accident before the North Pole. Again, this can take several hours, all sitting in a traffic jam, and something that I had been putting off. But inspired by my laziness or efficiency earlier, I asked the sales agent to bring them with him after work and I would meet him on the way home!

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