Wigan v Liverpool

I have only ever “walked” out of a game once (and that was half time and only lasted ten minutes before I came back in before the start of the second half) -the game was the Champions League final in Istanbul against AC Milan when we were losing 3-0 at half time. I think the circumstances will allow me that time to recover my emotions without judging me harshly. I stayed and watched every painful first half minute, despite all the taunting text messages from Liverpool haters.

But Monday was as close as I have been since then to “walking” out of a game – or more accurately falling asleep. During half-time I was at a breaking point with Liverpool. I just couldn’t’ believe my eyes. Rafa had picked a side very capable of winning at Wigan and they badly let him down. Not only did they let him down, they let themselves and done and most importantly the supporters. The majority of the side who walked off that pitch should be ashamed of themselves. Only a few of them could be somewhat satisfied with their performance.

The second half was a bit better but not much. Liverpool had two very good chances to score and they both fell to Torres but he was not able to convert. Torres tried the entire match and while I was very disappointed that he did not score, he really put the effort in. Mascherano also put in a good performance and he seemed up for the battle. Reina and the big Greek also performed pretty well. I thought Carragher defended well but was awful going forward with the ball. Maxi is another one that I thought did OK. Yossi was the only creative genius on the pitch, and the only rare source of excitement, but too often running into blind alleys, or creating chances to shoot, and not taking them.

The rest of the players, starting with Gerrard were awful. He looked clumsy throughout and I can’t remember a decent thing he did all game. His whole season has been equally poor, and at times I feel he should be taken off and his spot given to a youngster desperate to make an impression…as Stevie G was, ten years ago. A telling moment in the game was when he got the ball, looked up, saw nothing on, passed the ball 2 yards backwards and acted like he had given up. 5 years ago he would have been screaming at everyone for not doing something, or he would have made something happen. Perhaps he has given up, and with a team so far from matching his abilities, and having had to carry the team for so long, you cant blame him.

The less said about Kuyt the better. He works so hard for the team, but at the end of the day running hard is not as good as actually being good. Insua was a joke. He defended and attacked equally poorly. Insua got a roasting down his side and his attacking play was non-existent. Added to our generally poor play was the insistence on fouling to counter faster opponents and break up better play from a better team. The sort of tactics that Big Sam uses.

When Alberto came on he looked quick, as did Babel but perhaps that is because everyone else looked so slow!

And finally about our manager, he picked a team good enough to win but the players were not up to the job. Perhaps it’s time that he started giving others a game, they can’t be any worse than the group of players on Monday. All that being said I still believe in him! All it takes to remember what a miracle he has done, is remember where LFC were before him.

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