Leadership Law III

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One characteristic of truly great leaders is that they have an unyielding positive attitude toward the success of their organization.

Have you ever heard this statement: “50% of your success is attitude. The other 50% is attitude.”?

Well, I can promise you that it’s absolutely true…

Attitude is a constant battle. Maintaining a positive attitude takes focus and extra effort but developing the ability to conquer negativity is so much greater than letting negativity conquer you!

As a leader, you must feed your mind with positive thoughts and information as much as you possibly can so you are consistently upbeat in front of the people you lead.

Leading Through Challenges

Experiencing disappointment, discouragement, and challenges that may seem insurmountable is a natural part of life for leaders. While those may be feelings in your heart, great leaders must keep those negative feelings to themselves. (I won’t lie – it’s tough to do some days but it’s your job as a leader!)

When people you lead see you visibly discouraged, they feel a greater sense of discouragement. When they see you visibly worried, they feel a greater sense of worry. Displaying your negative emotions will produce nothing but negative results for the people you lead.

A true leader will always see the solution and never focus on the problem. Your people look to you to help them overcome challenges as they arise so always be there to provide positive support!

Excuses, Excuses

Attitudes are absolutely contagious and leaders have an amazing ability to transfer emotion to their people – negatively and positively.  Negative emotions from you as the leader transfer those negative emotions to your people; which leads to negative results in productivity and loyalty.

Negative attitudes spread 10 times faster than positive ones!

People are always looking for excuses to quit or give up on their dreams so as a leader, you never want to be the culprit for one of your peoples excuse to quit!

Getting You and Your Team UP

Great leaders have an amazing ability to make people feel better about themselves. A major way to do that is through your positive energy.

When you’re positive and upbeat, you emote confidence and inspire people to move forward. Don’t worry about not looking ‘cool.’ If you’re excited about something, share that excitement and enthusiasm with everyone around you!

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