Day 29 Falcon Oilfield Services Everest Expedition

I had another great night’s sleep. In some ways I seem to be acclimatising well. My appetite is as good as ever, and I sleep peacefully now that I have the diamox. However, there is no getting over the fact that we are over 6 kilometres above sea level, and so after breakfast I wasn’t feeling 100%.

Before lunch we were given the opportunity to traverse the ridge we were on. As it turns out, we weren’t on the actual summit of Lobuche, but the false summit! About 500 m further along, there was a further summit, slightly higher than where we were camped. In fact, there are 2 Lobuches, East and West, and on ours there were 3 summits…all very confusing, but not very important when you are standing in the shadow of over 100 peaks higher than you.

Without the additional weight of yesterday, I felt very strong today, and made it across without any ill effects or feeling out of breath. Perhaps carrying the extra weight had helped me acclimatise faster? It is impossible to know. But I certainly felt a lot perkier than some of the others, some of whom didn’t even bother to walk across to the summit.

Cooking inside the tent

After that, my tent mate and I spent all our time cooking (or more accurately waiting for more snow to boil) whilst watching TV on my iPhone…so all that extra weight paid off in entertaining us in the long afternoon with nothing else to do…

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