JP’s Wedding

There are very few silver linings, that I have discovered so far, to my accident on Everest. Within hours of my fall, in the helicopter during the evacuation, I began wondering what I was going to do with myself…and I remembered that JP was getting married to Sarah on the 8th May.

It may seem daft, but it was the one bright ray in a very cloudy (metaphorically) day. JP and I had talked about Sarah often during the North Pole trek, and of the wedding, although I knew that I would not be able to attend because of my Everest expedition. We had loosely arranged for me to call the best man during the speeches and talk to them from Everest. I knew within seconds of my fall, that Everest was over for this season, but being able to go to this wedding was a great consolation.

I think that anyone that doesnt have a freind like JP is very unfortunate because we all need someone like him. He is very “under the radar” and to be honest, if I hadn’t walked to the pole with him, we would probably just be acquaintances, but it was my fortune that I did walk with him, and consequently, we are very close.

And so it was that with two very painful ankles, Maria and I were able to attend.

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