Goal Setting is For Losers

If you’re like me, you’ve heard how powerful goal setting can be but you’re fed up with setting goal after goal with grand ambitions – only to fall short. It makes you feel like giving up on goal setting altogether; which I actually considered just a few short years ago, until I came across this old saying:

“Dreams keep you going, but your goals keep you on track.”

I realized I wasn’t fed up with setting goals – I was fed up with the process of setting goals so I made a few strategic revisions to my goal setting system…

Set Goals With Your Subconscious in Mind

Take a look at this principle

“Our subconscious mind absorbs every single word, action, and thought leading to a negative or positive result for our self-identity.”

When we follow the principles traditionally taught in goal-setting, our subconscious mind is programmed to focus on what we don’t have yet. For example, when we say “My goal is to become a millionaire” our subconscious mind is programmed with “I’m not a millionaire just yet” which leads to a weak self-identity.

To be effective, you must state your goals in the present as if they’re already true, which will program your subconscious mind to find a way to turn your goals into reality.
Specify The Details

Another important strategy in goal setting, is being extremely specific. Here’s what I mean:

Traditional Goal Setting: I want to become more fit by this time next year.

Unemployed Millionaire Goal Setting: I am a world-class triathlete by April 3, 2010.

See the difference? By Goal Setting Unemployed Millionaire style, you are creating specific goals with specific deadlines which will lead to specific results!
Goal Setting with a Purpose

The most important question to ask yourself when you set any type of goal is WHY? To harness your true motivation, you must have a purpose that burns inside of you and you must state that purpose when writing your goal.
Develop a Plan

We’ve all been to a meeting where there’s no agenda… Tons of time is wasted because there isn’t a road map to follow!

Similarly, tons of time is wasted when we set specific goals but don’t create a plan of action for achievement. You are much more likely to achieve a goal if you spell out exactly what you’re going to do to reach the goal….

Final Tips for True Goal-Setting Success

Here’s a quick review of the Unemployed Millionaire Goal-Setting Formula:

1. You must have a specific goal.

2. You must have a specific time frame for goal achievement.

3. You must write your goal down.

4. You must determine a compelling purpose – A WHY!

5. You must develop an action plan.

6. You must think about and look at your goal every day.

In reality, true success happens when your life is balanced overall. When you are goal-setting, consider all aspects of your life: health and fitness, family and relationships, business and finances, personal learning and growth, and fun and personal fulfillment.

Time flies so go revisit your 2010 goals now. What are you going to do/see/change/become to make this year your best year EVER?

If you want even more information on goal setting, purchase your copy of The Unemployed Millionaire right here: http://www.MattMorris.com/book. (You’ll also feed 5 hungry children and get access to over $2,000 in bonus success education materials!)

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