Matt Morris – The Unemployed Millionaire

More from Matt Morris…The major difference between successful people and the average person is that successful people believe in themselves, their abilities and their faith so strongly that they know without a single doubt that they’ll achieve their goals.

If the only major difference between successful people and the average person is their personal belief system, would you say it’s time for you to learn how to start believing in yourself, your abilities, and your faith?

Creating a super unshakable personal belief system was my first step to success so I dedicated all of Chapter 3 of The Unemployed Millionaire and the next 3 episodes of The Unemployed Millionaire Show to sharing how YOU can create the same belief system starting with The Law of Consistency…

There’s an important law of human nature called consistency… it states that we have a natural urge and tendency to remain consistent with who we think we are.

The Law of Consistency means you absolutely MUST stop allowing yourself to entertain negative thoughts. Only allow yourself to use “I am…” at the beginning of positive self-affirmations like: I am a millionaire, I am fit and healthy, I am wonderfully good-looking, or I am the most talented (insert your profession here) in the entire universe!

After you repeat positive self-affirmations over and over and over again, your sub-conscious mind will start accepting those affirmations as true which will enable you to start living the life you’ve imagined for yourself.

I truly believe (and I’m living proof!) that the only limitations for your life are the limiting beliefs in your mind.

I challenge you to write a list of 10 positive self-affirmations TODAY and make a commitment to repeat that list to yourself at least twice on a daily basis for the remainder of 2010. If you practice positive daily affirmations already, I’d love to hear how they’ve improved your life in our comments section below!

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