Well what do we have so far?

Huang wants the deal done in 10 days, but hasn’t proposed a bid, which he did 3 days later, which was later retracted because CIC denied they were backing him, because 6 hours after that, they denied they denied backing him, which they then later said they will buy Playboy from Hugh Heffner.

My Yuang Fang Guang of Franklin Templeton will be a major investor which it won’t but it will in a wont or will situation. A source from Huang has said we will have enough money to buy any player on the planet inc Messi but we will be given around £20m per season to do this and a spokesperson also said with the spending what you earn budget coming into effect we agree the spending in football will have to slow down but we will have to ensure Liverpool is at the top of the spending tree or up near the stop with this then we will have the debts removed no we wont, yes we will oh yes we will! We will be given £150m after the purchase and this will be for a deposit on the stadium and for players and to pay for Luke Youngs wages. The believe trhe breakdown will be £27m towards transfer kitty (which will buy Carlton Cole cos he’s English and will be a Guinea Pig for our new Medical Science Department, £63m deposit towards the new stadium and finally £60m that will pay for Luke’s Young’s wages. Luke Youngs transfer fee will be paid by the 36p found by Kenny Huang down the side of the plastic piles cushion after Tom ‘ I will conquer Walton Breck Road’ Hicks vacated the building. Meanwhile

Ex-Syrian International Footballer and star of Cracker Yahya Kirdi is putting a Canadian/Middle East/Martian Consortium together and has been in discussion with Gillett Junior. He has by-passed the banks as he has no money so he is hoping to give both Americans an IOU. Hicks was quoted as saying ‘This maybe a good deal for both me and George. I said a while ago I would make 4 times my stake and duly obliged. Sources suggested later that 4 x 0 is actually 0 and they have the intellegence of an over cooked marshmellow.

Now we got the Indians, The Middle East and I think all we now need is an African and Australian Consortium to come into play. When Shanks said Conquer the ****** World you think he was Nostradamus and could see this happening? Oh and 1 other thing apparently Tim Rice and Andrew Llloyd Webber are now sniffing around for the rights as they want to take this to the West End. They will also pay Hicks n Gillett £16000 for naming rights.

This will be called Fat CATS – The Musical.

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