MM – The Key to Becoming Wealthy

My wife and I stayed at an amazing all-inclusive resort during our vacation… It was the second month in a row we’ve been on a vacation in Cancun, Mexico!! I feel extremely blessed to be able to say that.

But here’s the thing… I want you to be able to say that, too! In fact, one of my main reasons for writing The Unemployed Millionaire and creating this show was to share the exact road-map I used to reach success so that anybody who wants this kind of lifestyle can go out and get it.

In this episode, I share one of the main differences between the wealthy and unwealthy. This wealth principle is surprisingly simple and an imperative part of reaching success…

To achieve complete financial freedom and complete time freedom, you MUST choose a career that will at least give you the opportunity to create a dream lifestyle!

Most men and women fall into a career path that has benefits and a salary with a ceiling. Meaning after they reach a certain income level/work for a certain length of time – they max out the vacation package and the amount of money they can make.

I’m not any smarter or more creative than any other 34 year old guy. (And I definitely did not have a trust fund or an inheritance or anything like that…) I just chose to invest my time and energy into a career that gave me the opportunity to achieve complete time and money freedom.

You can do the exact same thing! Just take a minute to weigh out the opportunities that your current career path is leading you to…

If you truly want the Unemployed Millionaire lifestyle, you must be willing to seek out careers that will give you the opportunity to set your own schedule and become financially free!

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