Two moons 2010

Will the night black sky have two bright full moons?

According to the latest predictions this August the nearest plant to the earth, Mars would be at its brightest form and may resemble to a full moon in the night sky to the human eye from the surface of the earth. The famous event has been scheduled for 27 Aug when the planet would be at a distance of 34.65M miles from the surface of our green earth. Therefore don’t miss the sky at 11:00 PM on the 27th of August. It will display two moons in the night sky.

After this time, the next 2 moon sky would be only visible in the year 2287 when no one from this age would be alive to view the spectacular phenomena.

This has been the rumor on the internet for long but the facts for this news is that there was a time on 27 august in the year 2003 when the two planet came very close to each other which if compared to the reading of the last 50,000 years was too close but even then the planet mars did not look like a second complete moon to the human eye rather it is just an exaggeration of the unusual phenomena which was observed in the year 2003 in the night sky of our planet by many researchers.

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