Beauty and Pay

Controversial Newsweek cover, November 23, 2009

Image via Wikipedia

I have always suspected that the better looking you are, the more receptive co workers are to you, the better you get on with your bosses, and the more you get paid.

My suspicions have always been based on anecdotal eveidence, until I read in Newsweek a startling article detailing the primary factors in promotinos and pay rises.

The number one factor is experience, which is probably as it should be. The second is confidence, which is surprising in that it is higher than education or qualifications. And the third is looks. In fact, even more surprisingly, it makes a 4% difference in pay if you are a woman, and 5% if you are a man!

So attractiveness in males, makes a bigger impact on your pay than beauty in women, and is more important than where you went to university, which comes in fourth!

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