LFC set for the High Court

Broughton also revealed the dramatic details of yesterday afternoon at Anfield when Hicks tried to sack Purslow and Ayre before a crunch board meeting.

He told them they could not do so.

Said Broughton: “This is not straightforward.

“I don’t want to tell you about the detail because that will be subject to legal proceedings.

“But in trying to remove Christian Purslow and Ian Ayre they made an astonishing move.

“I say that because as part of my appointment they gave specific undertakings to the Royal Bank of Scotland that said Martin Broughton was the only person authorised to make any board changes.

“Otherwise they would take no action to frustrate any reasonable sale.

“They basically flagrantly abused those two undertakings to RBS and removed Christian and Ian from the board and sent us details just before the board meeting saying they had been removed and appointing two others.

“We took legal advice and I determined that the action was invalid.

“So I went back to Tom Hicks and George Gillett, reconvened the board meeting and said ‘Look, your action is invalid’.

“I told them I was continuing to hold the meeting with Christian Purslow and Ian Ayre present.

“They objected, called for an adjournment – which I declined – and offered them the opportunity to take part.

“They chose not to, although George Gillett’s lawyer was there.”

Broughton said the club would now be applying for a court judgement over the disputed sale which will tale place in a UK court hearing at a date to be decided.

He said: “The sale is subject to us having valid authority to sell.

“We are applying to court soon for a declaratory judgement to get the court to declare that the action we took was proper and valid.
“No one likes being in court – someone comes out winning and someone comes out losing.

“If there is any justice we will win.”

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