How The Votes Will Work

2014 FIFA Announcement (Joseph Blatter) 7

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The 22 members of FIFA’s executive committee will meet on Thursday to vote on the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

Holland/Belgium will start the bid presentations at 08.00 (all times GMT) followed by Spain/Portugal at 09.00, England at 10.00 and Russia at 11.00

At around 13.00 the secret ballot will begin with a decision announced at 15.00.

• To win outright a bid must win 12 votes to gain an overall majority.

• Until an outright majority is achieved, voting will take place in rounds with the bidder with the fewest votes eliminated.

• If there is a tie for the lowest number of votes in any round, an intermediate voting round will be conducted with votes solely on the tied bidders to determine which progresses.

• After the 2018 bid is concluded, the 2022 vote will take place. The winners of both World Cups will be put into two envelopes and given to FIFA president Sepp Blatter to announce.

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