Atlantic Allum Cup 2011

Playa Famara #4

Image by palestrina55 via Flickr

In celebration of the first ever pairs row across the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Woodvale Challenge are pleased to announce a new racing event “The Atlantic Allum Cup”. On January 12 1971 the Allum cousins left Las Palmas headed for America. A drinking water shortage meant that the cousins had to cut their row short and Geoff and Don Allum arrived at Harrison Point, Barbados 73 days after setting off.

Woodvale Challenge is launching the Atlantic Allum Cup on 12th January 2011 – the 40th anniversary of the Allum Cousins pioneering row and will be putting out one of the fastest rowing boats in existence.

Woodvale will run a record campaign for the mid-Atlantic route (La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Barbados – 2600 miles away). The record will be more than just rowing hard…route selection, reaction to situations and a degree of luck with the weather all come into play.

Woodvale is launching Britannia III – one of the fastest boats ever built – a 15 man boat which crossed the Atlantic in 38 days in early 2010

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