Nabs and Britannia III Make Land in Barbados

16 Mar 2011

Nabs El-Busaidy and the crew of Britannia III arrived in Barbados on 15th March 2011 at 02:36 GMT. Their final journey time was 42 days, 17 hours, 54 minutes.

Back row L-R (Guy Griffiths, Jon Paine. Miek Palmer, Shaun Pedley, Roger Gould, Simon Chalk. Ben Gothard, Colin Gray) Front row L-R (Beth O’Kain, Anna Lewis, Nabs El-Busaidy, Suzanne Pinto, Jennifer Weterings)

All crew are well and have rested and refuelled with food since arriving in the luxury marina of Port St Charles, Barbados. They were welcomed in by many friends and family who had been waiting for their arrival eagerly by the beach.  Flares were set off just before 10:30 local time as Britannia III took her final few strokes to make land.

This row marks Simon Chalk’s fifth Ocean Row.  He now takes his place in history alongside Emmanuel Coindre who completed his fifth Ocean Row in 2005.  Another Ocean Rower, Roger Gould, was on board Britannia and this marks his second successful crossing.  Roger participated in the first ever official Atlantic rowing race in 1997.  First-time American Ocean Rower Suzanne Pinto has become the oldest female to row an ocean – she is 58 and from Longmont, Colorado. Nabs El-Busaidy has become the first Arab  to row an Ocean.

Although Britannia III set out to break the mid-Atlantic speed crossing, a record which was broken at the beginning of March by Matt Craughwell and his team on board Sara G, the crew had an enjoyable and successful crossing and skipper Simon is already planning his next record attempt.

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