Les Miserables

During the Atlantic crossing, I listened to my iPod nearly every minute that I was rowing, just to take my mind off the monotony and pain. Music also helped to lift my spirits. One album that I listened to over and over was the soundtrack to Les Miserables, and I decided that if I got back to London safe and sound, I would go and see it on stage…again!

I first saw this show in 1985 when it first came out in London, with my class from school, and then again on its 20th anniversary, with “Kinky”. However, this time was totally different. I knew all the words and so I immmersed myself in the performance and delivery of the singers and dancers. I was totally blown away.

My favourite songs, purely by audio, turned out to be poor relatives to some of the songs I had taken for granted, which were delivered in a way that opened my eyes to the depth of meaning behind the songs, and emotions missing on theiPod…songs such as “I dreamed a dream”, performed below by Susan Boyle. I include this link, because I approached some of these familiar songs with a dismissive attitude, as Simon Cowell does to Susan Boyle. And the level of surprise and delight he feels resembles the change in attitude I felt watching this show for the third time

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