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Ok, so I am not really a car fan, so going to a theme park about one particular car was not likely to be my thing. However, it was my brothers birthday, and he wanted to go…and the truth is, it doesnt matter so much what you do, but who you do it with. So Mahooni and some of closest friends was a reciepe for a good day out.

We went on several rides which were below average on my adrenaline scale, but were obviously pushing the threshold of certain people from the screams we could hear. The G Force was a bit of a surprise, as I expected us to carried slowly up a vertical central pillar and then dropped. Instead it started with us being shot straight up, and then dropped down. Pretty average, but enough to get certain people screaming, and my Jewish brother worried that his hangover would erupt.

The second fastest ride at the park was slightly more exciting, but not enough to want to go again.

By the time we got to the fastest theme park ride in the world, I was jaded with hyperbole and unfullfilled expectations. Listening to all the repeat riders, I just thought it could never be as good as they said. But 0-100 kph in 2 seconds and 0-240 kph in 4.9 seconds tells you only a fraction of the story.

The start was like being shot off the catapult of an aricraft carrier. The aceleration from standing to take off is so immense that its a struggle to stop your head from being thrown back against the head rest. After that, you are being thrown into turns and dips and rises, that make you experience up to 4.8 G. And in roughly 30 seconds, the 2 km track is finished! I may have just dived head first down a death slide, but that was nothing compared to this ride. After only half a minute of that ride, we were all left a little dizzy and rattled by the speed and forces we had just experienced.

It is actually only fast for the start and then keeps slowing down, but makes up for that in the G forces you feel as it turns. Even the professional F1 drivers seemed impressed! And yes, of course I went again!

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