20th Anniversary of the WWW!

Rewind 20 years and there is no world wide web. There’s an internet, of course, but there’s no simple, user-friendly way to browse its information.

Come 6 August 1991 and that all changes. It was on that day that Tim Berners-Lee launched the very first website – http://nxoc01.cern.c​h – a simple site which gave an explanation of what the world wide web was (as well as a suggested abbreviation which sadly never took off: W3), help on using your browser and information on the overall project.

The world had changed forever but, at the time, no-one really noticed. It took a few more years before the web gradually made its way into our homes, schools and workplaces. Slowly we each got our first experience of the web, and it was brilliant. And also, at the same time, a bit rubbish.

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