What’s the point?

First, the racism charge. As Tore pointed out, this would seem to be a
reaction to FIFA and Blatter’s insistence that there is no racism in
football that cant be solved by a handshake. By making an example of Suarez,
they have overreacted to the extent that they have painted themselves into a
corner. Terry was seen by millions, Suarez seen by none. Evra has said
Suarez is not a racist. Evra said he provoked Suarez. Suarez is apparently
part black! So what will Terry’s ban be? Anything less than Suarez and it
will be obvious that there is a bias. There is also another basis for the
appeal which has not been mentioned yet and that is consistency. Keane was
only banned for 5 games and fined 150,000 for the premeditated foul on Alf
Inge Haaland that ended his career! Grevious bodily harm! How can it then be
fair to ban Suarez for a marginal comment that may or may not have been
said, and may or may not be racist for an even longer period?

Secondly, the game. LFC were brilliant in the first 20 mins. As usual we
were carving chances at will, but not taking advantage of them. It actually
looked like Wigan were more hungry to score. There was more purpose and
speed about their possession. It was very difficult for me to assess what
the difference was in possession between the 2 teams, but at first
guess…LFC had too many touches on the ball, too many lateral passes, too
many phases of recycling possession…our speed in attack seemed to be
broken every time Kuyt, Maxi or Downing received the ball, retaining
possession seemed to be more important than catching the opposition out of
position…Adams took a very poor penalty. I think people will have to re
examine the conventional wisdom that he is a set piece specialist. We have
taken approx 150 corners this season, far more than any other team, and only
scored 3 goals (2 coming against Villa) That is 1 goal per 50 corners, when
the average is 1 in 10. Adams has taken about a third of those, and all were
wasted. His free kicks rarely get past the wall. And his penalty was hit
hard 1 metre from centre of the goal, at hip height, the worst place to put
the ball as it gives the keeper a 50% chance of saving it. All he has to do
is guess the right direction.

We have a great goalie, and back four that does not need improvement.
However, our midfield is average and inconsistent and our strikers are
wasteful. There isn’t a player in our midfield/up front that the other top 6
would take except Stevie G if he was fit and possibly Suarez. The others are
either not good enough, or not good enough yet. And as for Suarez, I say
possibly as we may love him, but would Utd swap Rooney? Arse swap RVP?
Suarez is exciting to us, but how many goals and assists has he actually
produced? Precious little! He does not need replacing or changing, but we do
need a partner for him, and Kuyt/Carroll are not the answer.

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