unlikely targets in Jan

Happy New year!

One glaring omission from likely targets was Darren Bent. Slightly older, and probably overpriced, but the one thing he does is score goals. His stats are really impressive, especially compared to Suarez and Carroll. In fact, compared to every striker! He has an accuracy of 50% and scores about 25% of the time. That is with Spurs, Sunderland and Villa. He does very little else, but he does score, whether it is with a crap team, or little service, he scores almost 1 goal in 4 chances.

And now unlikely targets for Jan…

Edinson Cavani of Napoli and the Argentine Gonzalo Higuain of Real Madrid are both valued at 40 MM so too expensive.

Carlos Tevez will be leaving Man City, the only question is where. The owners however have insisted they will get 40 MM or Tevez will stay in the reserves, putting him out of LFC’s budget.

Hulk, Porto, he has a buy out clause of 100 MM and is already being courted by his last manager AVB at Chelsea. Interestingly he has played for Brazil twice, once against England, and once against Oman.

Eden Hazard, 35 MM

Speculation that Joe Cole was used as a bargaining chip in first refusal of Hazard has been consistently denied since the loan deal was made between LFC and Lille…which makes me think this might be true, as both clubs generally refuse to comment on rumours. Hazard is also being looked at by Madrid, Barca, Man City, Man Utd, and every other team with money to burn. Hazard has expressed a preference for Madrid, but not until he has had another season in France.

David Villa was strongly rumoured to be leaving Barca until he broke his leg. He was a target of Benitez until Gillette and Hicks pulled the financing so the rumour could have more legs than most. But to be a January buy, you need to be ready to play in January, so not likely to happen this window.

Adam Johnson has long been rumoured a target of LFC, but will City sell to LFC? They sold Bellamy, but that was more of a case of getting rid of Bellamy, as they even paid him out the rest of his 6 MM contract to leave! Adam Johnson is highly talented, but still developing so likely to stay.

Drogba to LFC? Unlikely but Torres went to Chelsea so who knows. We could certainly use him to show Carroll how to use his body.

Fernando Torres 20 MM

Sure, he left, but Ronaldo left United. It happens. He had to do what was best for him, and after carrying LFC during the Gillette and Hick years, he deserved to go where ever he felt. Just not to another EPL rival. Now he has done badly at Chelsea, he might come back, as he needs game time to get back into the Spain squad for Euro 2012.

Gerrard’s passing coupled with movement by Torres almost won Liverpool a title singlehandedly. Now factor in Suarez. His movement, Torres’ movement. That equals goals. Unlikely to happen though as he has gone public with how the owners lied to him. Not exactly a come get me plea.

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil is the type of quality player Liverpool fans would love to see at the club and he possesses the skill set to succeed wherever he plays. Recent reports have suggested Jose Mourinho is unhappy with the player at Real Madrid and has issued an end-of-season ultimatum.

Ozil would give Liverpool some creativity, which has only been conjured by the magic of Luis Suarez so far this season. However, it is unknown whether Ozil would move to a club that can’t guarantee Champions League football. Wage demands and transfer fee will also be a hurdle.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, FC Schalke 04

Along with Van der Vaart, was one of the most promising and exciting young Dutch players. He had mixed experiences at Milan and Madrid before moving to Schalke where he has scored 26 goals in 26 games this season. Probably too old for Comolli at 27, but then we bought Downing

Emmanuel Adebayor, Manchester City

It’s easy to forget that Emmanuel Adebayor is actually still on the books at Manchester City. The Togo international went on loan to Real Madrid early in 2011 and is currently playing for Tottenham Hotspur, for whom he’s scored nine league goals already. But Adebayor is still a Manchester City player And City might be looking to offload him permanently. Tottenham would be Adebayor’s most obvious destination, but Liverpool could make a move as well. They were linked with a move for him back in November.

Karim Benzema

Given that Real Madrid have one of the best attack forces in the world, it comes as no surprise that Benzema doesn’t play as much football as he would like. This may be the pivotal factor in a move away from Madrid and into Liverpool. Wages and transfer will probably be too high.

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