The Iron Lady

A present day Margaret Thatcher is asked by a doctor how she is feeling, and she rants at him that people today are more concerned with how people are feeling and not enough about what they are thinking. He asks her what she is thinking and she says that the problem today is people spend too much time wanting to be someone, and not enought time doing something.

Ironically, the film then spends too much time on Thatcher as being someone, and almost no time on what she did to become so famous. There is almost no reference to how she got her nickname, little about her most defining moments as a leader, or her most hated policies. It just becomes a vehicle for Meryl Streep to showcase her talents at playing a woman suffering from dementia, as the film tells her life in brief muddled flashbacks. (note to the film editors, the Falklands happened in 1982, the miners strike happened in 1984)

Essentially the movie is about a woman with dementia, remembering bits from her past, and coping with the death of her husband. This is no more a movie about Margaret Thatcher, than a movie about Arnold Schwazenegger, which neglects to mention he was a world champion body builder, movie star and Governor of California!

I found the movie entertaining, but the continual flash backs became irritating after the 17th time, and as a whole I found the movie to be false advertising. Viewing the trailer gives a sense that the movie will be about her life, not the end of her life, but in the end, the movie will be viewed much as the Iron Lady was…as a very divisive subject. Half will love it and half will hate it.

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