Wigan post mortem

Thanks to the large number of LFC supporters/friends that turned up to the launch of the Standard Chartered Anfield lounge. I have to admit that is the most I have enjoyed watching such a terrible display of football. If anything, this proves what I have said from the start…watching games in a group will increase our enjoyment of matches…and boy do we need it right now! 5 losses in the last 6 league games…and so, on to my analysis…

(There were many new people at the game, so please forward this email to others, or give me their email to add to the mailing list. Conversely, if you want to be taken off, let me know…and I will let everyone know that you are secretly a Bluenose!)

Per complained that I had not done my pre-match preview of the game, and in truth I completely forgot with the launch of the lounge…but as my previews are roughly 50% accurate, I promised a 90% accurate review instead!

Using stats as Billy Beane and Damien Comolli would insist, I would like to point out the players who let KK down the most, and will start this post mortem by highlighting that LFC are not actually safe from relegation yet…hopefully that shock will put the rest in some perspective.

6 Martin Skrtel
The irony of this selection is that he was our best defender by a country mile, and our most improved player this season, if not a contender for player of the season. His tackle led to our goal, and he blocked 2 goal bound shots…but he did kick Moses in the head. Not quite this bad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J5FDHAdXKU but lucky to get away without a red card

5 Andy Carroll
Only on for 45 mins, but still only managed 1 shot against the 4th worst defence in the league. Pitted against Caldwell, who gives away penalties for free, instead of winning a penalty (admittedly Lee Mason had a very inconsistent game) Carroll was made to look a plonker as Caldwell dummied Andy to score the winner.

4 Stewart Downing
It is very hard to work out what he does. Over 1,000 passes, and still more arrests than assists in the EPL. He is so much better than at the start of the season, but that term is relative, and still nowhere good enough for LFC

3 Dirk Kuyt
I flip flop in my opinion of this guy. Everyone knows he gives 100% all the time. And he is also famous for a first touch that means his second touch is a tackle. But today, 100% effort combined with 100% rubbish, meant that his 54 touches resulted in nothing meaningful except interceptions.

2 Jordan Henderson
So woeful, even KK realised and took him off after 45 mins. He completed less that 70% of his passes, when most playmakers are looking at 90%, and of those passes that he succeeded, most were…wait for it…sideways or backwards. All of which gave Wigan time to fall back into 2 banks of 4 and smother LFC in the attack, giving us possession but no opportunities.

1 Jamie Carragher
Carra made only one tackle today, and only one interception…against the worst scoring team in the league…who then scored 2. Time to give Kelly, Coates, Flanagan et al a chance

Obviously, some of these players may have futures with LFC, and so this is not a character assassination in general, just for this game. However, with LFC being in the Europa league, there is a clamour to put more youngsters in the team, and put those with no long term future at LFC on the bench (Carra, Kuyt etc)

However, bear in mind, for every place that we move up in the league, LFC will get more prize money than we did when winning the Carling Cup.

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