The principles of being or becoming an entrepreneur

One of my favorites is the simple fact that don’t need anything but ONE idea that drives you from your very core. Something that fuels so much passion into your heart, you can’t imagine how you could even live your life everyday without it.

You might not know how you’re going to make it happen and at times it may seem impossible but…

As long as you continue to feed that idea that inspires you, EVERYTHING you need is within your reach.

In this short video it talks about thinking like when you were a kid and it’s pretty important because kids have unbound imaginations that truly have no limits.

Kids invent invisible armour that is impervious to fire, swords, spears and arrows that empower them to be the hero and save the world!

Kids create everything they need to overcome any obstacle that lives within their story by creating images in their mind of what they need to make the story turn out how THEY want it to.

They have no regard for “realistic, practical, or possible” they just CREATE!

And all of us are just a bunch of kid in bigger bodies but we have a HUGE advantage, we have the ability, wisdom, and knowledge to attract and use resources to actually extract those ideas into the real world so that they can enhance peoples lives and make the world a better place.

The message of this video is to “think like a kid” and it’s pretty inspiring and definitely got me motivated so I wanted to share it with you too!

Enjoy it and make sure you pass it on to all of your friends who are entrepreneurs or who have great ideas so it can inspire them too.

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