Battleship is a 2012 American science fiction naval war film based on the children’s game. The film stars Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, and Liam Neeson. Unusually the film opened in many countries outside North America, more than five weeks before its North America release, whereas it is normally the other way around. Perhaps this was a tactic to counter copyright piracy?

In 2005, NASA discovers an extrasolar planet with conditions similar to Earth. On the chance that it contains intelligent life, NASA transmits a powerful signal from a communications array based in Hawaii. Around the same time, the talented but undisciplined slacker Alex Hopper attempts to impress a woman by getting her a chicken burrito; the result of which sees Alex break into a convenience store and be tasered by the police. Stone Hopper, a naval officer, attempts to give his younger brother some direction by forcing him to join the United States Navy.

By 2012, Alex is a lieutenant and the Tactical Action Officer aboard the destroyer USS John Paul Jones, while Stone is commanding officer of USS Sampson. Alex is also in a committed relationship with Samantha Shane (the woman he tried to impress seven years prior), and wants to marry her, but is afraid of asking her father, Pacific Fleet commanding officer Vice Admiral Shane, for permission. During the opening ceremony for the RIMPAC multinational naval exercise, Alex gets into a brawl with Captain Nagata, commanding officer of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force destroyer JDS Myōkō; the latest in a string of incidents marring the young officer’s career. Alex is given a dressing-down by Admiral Shane, and later learns from his brother that there is a good chance he will be discharged at the end of RIMPAC. Meanwhile, Samantha accompanies Army veteran and amputee Mick Canales on a hike on Oahu in order to help him adapt to his prosthetic legs. (Double amputee US Army Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Gadson plays the role of a legless recuperating US Army Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales.)

Then, a small fleet of alien ships arrives in response to the NASA signal…

This movie is very much in the Transformer category, but has far more script and storyline, though the method of linking the movie to the game is convuluted. Certainly worth watching for several reasons, whether you are into sci fi, military, action or you are just bored. Just don’t expect a classic.

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