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What matters more? That you claim the #1 prize or that you finish the race?

Most people would answer, “Getting the #1 spot!” but…

Sometimes “life happens” and you get a curve ball thrown at you. You might work hard for years to get one shot at achieving your dreams when something tragic happens like in this video…

But is it really tragic? Sure Derek wasn’t able to finish that race but when one door closes another opens that usually leads to an even better place that you NEVER would have ended up if that previous door hadn’t closed.

Dereks courage, dedication, and perseverance inspired thousands of people that day, the crowd cheered for him with more passion and heart than the winner of that race, his courage touched the souls of many and has continued to inspire tens of thousands of people to NEVER GIVE UP and has delivered much much fulfillment to his life than any one victory EVER could have.

How many times in your life have you been so focused on how you think things “should” look that you are unable to see the immense rewards and benefits sitting all around you?

When we lock onto a particular idea of how we want the story to end, we rob ourselves of the ability to see alternate and much BETTER endings.

In this case, it’s sad that Derek experienced an injury in his leg but the amount of strength, admiration, and respect he gained by showing the world that no matter what, even if you believe you’ve already lost the race, even if you’re in pain, even if it seems hopeless, even if you’re in pain, NO MATTER WHAT you NEVER EVER give up.

Because in this case, Derek may have lost a race but he finished a hero that gave him a legacy the will long outlive the 1st place prize of that race.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you finish, it doesn’t matter what place you end up with, it’s the dedication, resilience, and fortitude TO finish that brings you success in life in ways you would never have been able to see if life DIDN’T throw you a curve ball…

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