Never Ever Give Up!

It doesn’t matter who you are…

It’s a very simple rule. You only fail when you STOP TRYING!

You’ll fall down… GET BACK UP!
You might not be able to do something, today… But that DOES NOT MEAN you won’t be able to to it tomorrow!

People WILL tell you that you cannot do it.
People WILL point out your limitations.
People WILL turn you away.
They’ll reject you.
They’ll reject the idea of you doing something they think can’t be done…

They will beat you down, hold you there, and do everything in their power to force you to believe that you CANNOT because that’s what THEY believe…

But what they don’t know is you possess the most powerful force human beings have ever known. You possess the most powerful weapon a human can yield.

It’s the ONE thing that ALWAYS defeats any attempt at stopping you from having what you want, what you need, and what you deserve.

It’s the ULTIMATE power and people WILL try and take it from. Not because they are bad people, simply because they have strong beliefs that guide their lives.

Watching this video hit my heart so hard with crystal clear clarity of just how powerful this one thing is that I actually shed a tear.

What is this mysterious power?

HOPE! Hope shapes YOUR beliefs…

Without it, you die! With it, you thrive and find all the strength, love, courage, and determination to move forward, through ANY challenge, around any obstacle, to create your life so that you can live it they way you want it.

And this touching story is a reminder of where we get hope when we feel all hope is lost.
Where we find belief when we no longer believe in ourselves…

It just takes one person, one single human being to create a change so powerful, so inspiring, and so meaningful that it has a ripple effect that touches the entire globe!

It just takes ONE person to help you find hope when you’ve lost it…

Can one person make a difference? Watch this and you tell me…

People will tell you can’t because they believe THEY can’t…

What do YOU believe you CAN do?

Never give up!

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