Sometimes, no news is good news

I was lucky to be on the flight from Kharkov to Kiev for another reason that may have completely missed the news outside of Ukraine. After watching the Danish play the Dutch, I was booked to fly back to Kiev the following morning. After an hour-long flight sitting next to the UEFA chief medical doctor, we landed and went to the terminal where we realised we were back in Kharkov… where we had started that morning.

Confusion reigned as we were not told anything by the airline or airport officials. We were then locked in the baggage
reclaim area and not allowed to go out. Everyone on the flight was there for the football,including the BBC sports commentary team, so we were all concerned about getting to Kiev before the next game kicked off.

Eventually, we were told that there was bad weather in Kiev,and so the pilot had turned around back to Kharkov. That was the extent of the information flow. Customer care is evidently not a priority. It didn’t seem to make sense as the weather in Ukraine has been wonderful so far. Sunny, hot and not a cloud in the sky. After an hour in baggage reclaim, we were told the weather had changed, and we all got back on the plane, and flew to Kiev, where we landed safely, albeit three hours late.

A couple of days later, I found out that a plane had crash landed in Kiev, killing five and injuring 15. The pilots had decided to return to the airport minutes after take-off due to a sudden storm over the capital, but had to make a hard emergency landing several kilometres away. They landed in a field where the aircraft flipped over.

Perhaps not being kept informed by customer service was a blessing in disguise.

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