Matt Morris # 90

From Matt…

At lunch I overheard some people talking about something that they said was impossible. They both started spouting off illustrations of exactly how impossible it was.

“It’s as impossible as humans flying…”
“It’s as impossible as a blind guy riding a bike…”

And they kept going on and on re-enforcing that belief and idea in their minds about who this thing was impossible to do.

They were sort of chuckling and having a laugh and I thought to myself, some of those things these guys said were impossible have already been done.

Then one of them said, “It’s as impossible as swimming or surfing in the ocean with no arms!”

And it instantly made me think, “People set their own bars in life and how they think determines how high that bar is raised. Swimming or surfing with no arms might SEEM impossible but that’s just because of the limited view point and lack of innovative ideas to MAKE it possible…”

Then I started searching on my phone while my lunch got cold and wait… what’s this? Could it be…”

Forget swimming or surfing in the ocean with no arms…

That bar has been raised and it’s just plain AWESOME!
Check out the video here:

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