What does it take to create real success in life?

Talent? Hard Word? Luck?

It’s actually a combination of all of those things but one thing ALWAYS stands out as the defining factor.


You’ve seen a ton of videos of people displaying perseverance here on Motivational Monday. From Nick Vujicic to Derek Redmond and beyond.

We’ve heard amazing quotes and speeches from highly respected and admired people like Will Smith, Jim Rohn, and Zig Zigglar.

And every successful person talks about it because perseverance is such a HUGE determining factor in not only success but overall self image, value , and fulfillment in life.

So I got curious to see if I could find any studies on perseverance.

Perseverance is how you break records, beat the unbeatable opponent, win the un-winnable game, close the un-closable deal, and rapidly transform your life!

It’s one of the biggest key factors in how you WIN in life and in this video psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth, PhD explains the effects in terms of results when perseverance is in play and how we can amp up our perseverance or what she calls “grit”.

Most of us know it as “getting out of your comfort zone” but when you here what that actually DOES for you based on the results found in these studies, I think you’re going to be more excited than ever to truly get out of your comfort zone!

Perseverance is a huge part of success and to put it in it’s most simple terms, it’s a toughness in your own soul. It simply means you are not just willing but there is NO other feasible option for you than to go further than your limitations.

Whether those limitations be internal in your mind or your heart or whether they be from opposition or competition.

Each time you take one more step, one more breath, one more action, spend one more second than your limitations do, you WIN!

Perseverance is being tired but doing it anyway…

Being scared but doing it anyway…

Being uncertain but doing it anyway…

It’s not necessarily about beating people, it’s about being better than you believe you can be. Being stronger than you think you are. And going further than you think you are able to.

And I can tell you from first hand experience that you 100% absolutely WILL amaze yourself when you push harder than you believe you can.

It’s a simple but incredibly powerful shift in your mind where excuses don’t fit, can’t isn’t welcome, and stopping is not possible.

You push, pull, plow, go over, under, around, or through ANY and EVERY thing that gets in your way… PERIOD!

It’s pure grit, will, and unseen strength.

Perseverance comes from a place of powerful humility.

It’s an amazingly powerful feeling when you cross that mental line in your head and things that seemed impossible yesterday become a very real, tangible reality today.

In this next half of the year, lets all focus on perseverance and becoming better than our old best!

It’s an AWESOME feeling and the tangible rewards or pretty fun too!

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