Leading with Lollipops

From Matt Morris…

This is such an AWESOME perspective on leadership…

I HAD to share this with you because pretty much all success in life boils down to leadership in some way shape or form.

And Drew picks apart the reasons so many of us have a hard time with accepting the fact that we ARE leaders in everyday life that this video could be a major turning point in your life starting today!

Many people are either too afraid to claim leadership or completely unaware that they ARE leaders because of the labels and grandiose idea of what leadership is.

We’ve made leadership about executive titles and earth shattering change when in reality, it’s often times the simplest and smallest acts of kindness, guidance, humor, insight, and inspiration that have life long lasting affects on people.

You’re a leader with influence everyday in your life and most of the times you display your leadership you never know how you’ve impacted another persons life but the fact remains that you do!

And as Drew so brilliantly states, as long as we continue to make leadership bigger then us and as long as we continue to make leadership about HUGE global changes in the world, we give ourselves an excuse to not to expect it everyday from ourselves and from each other.

Watch this video and share it with EVERYONE! Send this link out to everyone you know will benefit from this. BE a leader and create a “lollie pop moment” for someone today!(Watch the video and you’ll understand)

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