Everton away @ 1330 UK 28th Oct

Apologies for the short preveiw, but I ahve been a bit busy, but suffice to say, the new Bond is one of the best EVER.

Having been proven woefully wrong in my last few predictions, I am playing it safe, as I am sure Rodgers will, by putting the strongest team available.

Reina will probably be back from his injury, but if not Jones has had 2 cleans sheets now, which is more than Reina this season…

17 year old Wisdom is now the most likely starter with Kelly injured and Enrique in poor form. Johnson is a favourite of Rodgers, but took a knock on Thurs, so could be replaced by Enrique. Allen is another favourite, and likely to start, but midfield is full of options. Sahin has a strong claim to start, but I think Shelvey will be the stronger choice for a derby game. Sterling is now a first team regular as is Suarez and Gerrard.

The only uncertainty is the other wing. Assaidi is looking great and might get the nod, and Downing has 2 goals and 3 assists this season. Suso is playing well, but I think he is too lightweight fro this derby game. He faded during the Stoke game with all the rough tactics, and this will be the same intensity, but Rodgers chose Suso for the Stoke game, and probably will for Everton.


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