Soton @ Anfield 1st Dec 1500 GMT

Preview Saints

Liverpool are back in action on Sunday against Southampton at Anfield. The two teams have not met since January 2005 when the Reds went down 2-0 at St Mary’s and a certain Peter Crouch scored. The Saints’ last visit to Anfield was December 28, 2004 when Florent Sinama Pongolle put them to the sword in a 1-0 win.

Review Spurs

Another frustratingly predictable display…Spurs were efficiently incisive with 7 shots and 2 scored. LFC had 17 shots and none go in. For all the comments about LS7 diving, I don’t know how Bale got the free kick which resulted in the goal, and yet Gerrard was a victim of GBH and not awarded a penalty, so LFC not quite getting the rub of the green again. I managed to predict the line up 100%, but my fear of Downing in defence came to pass as he was culpable for not covering for the first goal, and Enrique yet again played well up front without actually creating an end product. However, overall, I think the sum of the parts is larger than the whole, and we will have to endure some hiccups. But again, why not have Enrique at the back and a really exciting winger in front ie Assaidi? Assaidi eventually came on for Downing, and Enrique moved back, but why not start like that?

Sterling has gone off the boil as a right footed right winger, whereas on the left he could cut in on his right foot to shoot rather than cross. I wonder if he should swap back? At some stage, if the game was going well, I felt that Henderson would come off for Shelvey, and if the game was not going to plan, I felt that Rodgers would replace Hendo with Jonjo…so why not start that way? The second half was nearly all LFC but yet again, and not for the first or probably last time, we did not come away with the points we deserved.


After Luis Suarez, LFC’s highest goal scorer is O.G.

Predicted Line up


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