Azzan bin Qais

Wednesday 5th October 2011

The students at Azzan bin Qais raised OMR 763.2 for charity


Tuesday 4th October 2011

The students at TAISM raised OMR 160.7 for charity.

Pearl Community

Saturday 5th June 2010

“You don’t need to be rich, famous or powerful to make a difference. You just need to have the goodwill and determination to get together as a community for the benefits of those less fortunate.”

The concept of the Pearl Community is to bring people together for some fun in the sun whilst helping others. The Pearl is a symbol of Bahrain; a country that has welcomed us to its community with open arms – this is our chance to give something back.

We have been having parties at Muff Mansions for 2 years, but instead of just doing things for our own pleasure, we wanted to help those less fortunate than ourselves…so why not combine the 2?

It all began in October 2009; when 65 friends met up for a pool BBQ in Miami Park. They all chipped in BD 10 & donated the proceeds (650 BD) to Think Pink. Since then the concept has spiraled into a nationwide event where everyone is welcome.

On Sat 3rd April, nearly 250 people gathered at the Diplomat Hotel & raised BD 2,470 for Bahrain Mobility. The money was used to help build a new swimming pool for the handicapped.

The following month Sat 5th May, despite the overcast weather, over 100 people came together at the Elite Seef Residence & raised BD 1,052. This was split between the Bahrain Mobility for their swimming pool again & The Friendship Society For The Blind to contribute towards supplying teachers for their kindergarden.

Today was the third official event, held at the Muju poolside – The Dragon Resort in Amwaj. Mo Loch, my flatmate and the founder, and has asked me to be the ambassador for the Pearl Community as my work involves a lot of fundraising for charity. Dspite this being the 3rd event, it was the first one that I was actually able to attend because of my expedition to Everest.

We are currently supporting 3 charities so all money raised will be split equally between them:

Bahrain Mobility for the new swimming pool they are building for the handicapped at their centre.

Friendship Society for the Blind to fund teachers for the kindergarten.

Deaf Sports Club to supply furniture for their new recreation centre.

“Get Together… Have Fun… Make A Difference.”

Rough Schedule

Sunday 12th July 2009

Below is a rough, just for our own sketch planning, schedule for the Lands End to John O’Groats cycle ride…as we progress, anyone that is able to assist in any way, especially with accomodation, physios, morphine, will be feted as a hero by the team. (Rick, Nabs and Mike…so far)

837 miles total. 8th Aug to 18th Aug

Of course this is not taking into account things like blown tires and running into armless, legless, flesh-wounded Black Knights defending bridges. (a Monty Python reference in case the younger readers were wondering)Monty-Python-Black-Knight

I may rue using the word “flat” but the middle of England, from Bristol to about Bannockburn, is fairly flat, compared to the rest.

The route was figured using only A-roads, not highways.

8 ) Land’s End, Cornwall to Exeter (127 miles/14.1 hours)
9) Bristol (83 miles/9.2 hours)
10) Wolverhampton (92 miles/10 hours)
11) Wigan (85 miles/9.5 hours)
12) Penrith or Carlisle, prefer the latter (109 miles/12.1 hours to Carlisle, 90 miles/10 hours to Penrith)
13) Bannockburn – Braveheart (109 miles/12.1 hours from Carlisle, 129[!]miles/14 hours from Penrith, fallback 97 miles/10.7 hours to Glasgow)
14) Pitlochry (62 miles/6.9 hours from Bannockburn, 85 miles/9.4 hours from Glasgow)
15) Tore (92 miles/10 hours)
16) Latheron (80 miles/9 hours)
17) John Of Groats (35 miles/4 hours)

If anyone can help, please email on

The word is spreading…

Saturday 11th July 2009

…that the Ride For R4R FinishRemembrance is on!

A Testimonial?

Tuesday 7th July 2009

From the keyboard of Rick Ryan…

Just woke up from post-marathon nap.  Spent but have to drive back to DC.
It was a 3:15 and it was truly the hardest of the 48 that I’ve done, being the first “pushrim” race.  Nabs, I thought about you at the North Pole as a reason not to quit…I’m not exactly a dark meat Human McNugget to a polar bear after all.  Mile 10 was the first place I wondered if I’d make it all the way, but I consciously banished that thought.  I came in last of the wheelers but the support was incredible and I was the only rookie in the field.  Winner was a Beijing paralympian, 1:25 or so, and he offered to give me some training when he gets back to Virginia.

The Launch of Ride For Remembrance

Friday 26th June 2009

From the keyboard of Richard Ryan…London6


Over the past four years, you have generously supported my effort and helped me raise almost $75,000 for really great charities in the UK and US.

Because of your encouragement and compassionate enthusiasm, I have thoroughly enjoyed running marathons and ultra-marathons to “raise awareness one mile at a time.”

As many of you already know, I badly injured my leg last year in a parachute accident and have since resided in 5 separate hospitals and endured 14 surgeries to salvage the tissue and bone that were attacked by the MRSA virus.  The threat of amputation has been imminent no less than three times and I have been told I will probably never run a marathon again.

Last November, I completed the New York City Marathon in a hand-crank wheelchair, two weeks after my first release from the military hospital in Germany.  I’ve since completed two more marathons and started working with the paralympics program as a coach and athlete.

Last week, I completed my first push-rim wheelchair marathon in memory of Trooper Marc Diab of the Royal Canadian Dragoons (see links below please).  I had shared a hospital room in Germany with his squad-mates and wanted to remember and publicize the sacrifice they and other coalition troops continue to make. 

The RCD troopers were hit in their [Coyote] armored vehicle by a roadside bomb, two weeks from completing their deployment to Afghanistan.  They had trained and lived together as a unit for more than two years.

I finished last in that race, but at no point did I lose sight of the personal memorial dedication I had made and as such, despite my time, I worked at the limits of my physical abilities throughout.  It was hands-down (and blistered palms) the most difficult marathon of the 46 “running” marathons I’ve completed.

That effort served as my kick-off for this summer’s single big event:

 The Ride for Remembrance, set for early August, will be my attempt to make the fastest known arm-powered crossing of the Isle of Great Britain, 850 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats in less than 10 days.  This will require me to average more than 3 marathons per day.  I am asking that if you spare any time to give to charitable causes this year, you might consider a donation, small or big, to support my goal of raising $100,000 for T*A*P*S, Achilles Track Club, Royal British Legion, and Help For Heroes.

Considering there are still some medical and physical uncertainties, we have developed a pledge link at the site ( to base your donation on my successful ride across Britain, should you choose the pledge route.  The pledge link is very simple to use: just click and promise.  Then, once I complete the ride, make the donation.  If you should choose to go ahead and make the donation directly, that would also be greatly appreciated; I will still do my best to post a record time and finish the crossing.

Additionally, any support you can provide by forwarding, promoting my links, and advertising my effort, or assisting with logistics along the route would also be appreciated.  As always, all monies raised will go directly to the charitable organizations.  I do not and will not use your donations to support my costs.

Please visit TODAY!

Thank you sincerely for your generosity, time and support.

Warmest regards,

Rick Ryan

Commander, US Navy