Never Ever Give Up

Saturday 18th July 2009

There have lots of moments in the last year when I have wanted to give up. Walking to the North Pole seemed like an impossible task, especially when Oman Air withdrew their funding after the payment date. (I still haven’t had any communication from the Communications Manager, but I’m not holding my breath)

This was the lowest point of the last 12 months, even lower than when I thought I might not make it alive…but that’s another story. Around this time I saw this cartoon. I had seen it several times before, but it was the first time I really took notice of it.

And I suddenly realised, no matter how bad things look, you have to keep fighting, because if you give up, then your slim chances become no chances. It’s easy to say, and not so easy to do, but when you are down and out, losing 3-0 to AC Milan, being let down by “professional” corporations, or lost in the Arctic, that is when you really must decide what you want, and how far you are willing to go to get it…

I felt lost and ready to give up on the North Pole, and then I saw this frog and I realised that although he was about to be swallowed, he still had enough fight to choke the stork. Cheeky beggar! And that’s how we should live life…if we want to really live!


A Song by my Sister Dedicated to Me!

Thursday 21st May 2009

These are the lyrics of a song from my beautiful sisters forthcoming album! This song wasn’t written with me in mind, but it has been dedicated to me, and I think one of the lines in the chorus will even be changed to say “Seen the arctic snow”. Hopefully I can figure a way to add the audio soon

Coming Home

Another continent
Another empty bed, Without you, without you
Another aeroplane
And there’s that dream again, About you, about you

Oooh everywhere and everything I’ve seen
Now I want to see it all with you
After everything and everywhere I’ve been
I’m coming

Seen the mountains high,
Heard the deserts cry, I’m Coming Home
Heard the oceans roar,
Seen too many dawns, I’m Coming Home

Another drunken fight
Another sleepless night, Without you, without you
Another photograph,
I sit, I cry and laugh, About you, about you

Oooh everywhere and everything I’ve learned
Doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not here
After everything and everywhere I’ve turned
I’m Coming, Coming

Seen the mountains high,
Heard the deserts cry, I’m Coming Home
Heard the oceans roar,
Seen too many dawns, I’m Coming Home

I have been wondering along this lonely road
Searching for the sunset in your eyes
And I’m wondering if tomorrow knows
I’m coming, coming, coming


Nawras congratulates Nabil Al Busaidi

Saturday 16th May 2009

North Pole explorer Nabil Al Busaidi received a very warm reception from everyone at Nawras on his recent victorious return to Muscat. A ‘welcome back’ banner adorned the main Nawras building at Al Athaiba, home of the official telecommunications partner for this adventurous journey. Nawras employees were delighted to greet Al Busaidi known as ‘Nabs’ and saluted his fantastic achievement.

Oman’s customer friendly mobile communications provider is proud to have sponsored Nabs’ heroic effort which made history as he became the first Omani to reach the Magnetic North Pole. Nabs planted the Nawras flag in this remotest of locations symbolising the way Nawras reaches to the far corners of the world for customers through its extensive list of roaming partners.

It was an honour for Nawras to be chosen to reliably provide the all-important link for Nabs to communicate from the North Pole to the rest of the world. With Nawras, Nabs was able to report his progress on a daily basis and get closer to friends and family as well as the many other interested parties who were sharing the excitement of the expedition as it happened.

Nawras posted Nabs’ daily bulletin from the North Pole on the new BawaBaty web portal which all customers can access from their data enabled handsets or phones. Customers can continue to access BawaBaty today to read Nabs’ diary or select ringtones, news, sports and more by simply clicking on their WAP browser or entering

On his challenging journey from Resolute Bay to the North Pole, Nabs walked over 650 km, dragging 50 kilograms of equipment without any support from ski-doo or even dogs and sledges. Nabs fought polar bears, frostbite, large rubble fields and thin ice on his way to write history as the first Arab to walk to the Magnetic North Pole

Taking a victory tour of the Nawras building, Nabs was greeted with great enthusiasm and a barrage of questions from the appreciative audience. Listening to him recount the almost insurmountable odds he had battled against in his quest for the Pole, was a great inspiration for one and all. Some amusing anecdotes were shared too.

Nawras CEO Ross Cormack congratulated Nabs, saying, “Your adventure was certainly pleasingly different and we were delighted to have played our small part in your historic achievement. We were thrilled to see the Nawras flag planted at the North Pole and to know that throughout your incredible journey we were helping you to get closer to your friends and family.”

Nabs thanked Nawras for the support and for being the official telecommunications partner for his trip. He said, “I really appreciate the great enthusiasm of everyone at Nawras and I am so grateful that you provided me with the reliable means to communicate with the rest of the world during my expedition. With your help, the documentary film of my journey is now being completed, which will enable more people to see and appreciate the awe-inspiring wonders of the North Pole.”

This was not the first time that Nawras has been chosen for the provision of important communication requirements. Earlier this year, Nawras as part of the Qtel Group, was chosen to be the official telecommunications partner for another highly successful challenge in the form of the 19th Arabian Gulf Cup. On that occasion, Oman was also victorious and new records were created.

Nawras currently covers 96% of the population with its world-class EDGE network and over 40% with its trusted 3G+ network.

ESO Ball Auction

Thursday 7th May 2009

I went to the ESO ball and auctioned the watch that Mistal had given me. I had no idea of the reception I would get, but as soon as I tried to introduce myself, everyone started cheering, so I guess they had heard of me! I spoke briefly of what I had done and I mentioned that I was raising money amongst other things for Breast Cancer…after all, who doesnt like boobs? which got a great laugh.

When I mentioned that there were around 250 people who had walked to the magnetic North, a quarter of whom were English, a quarter Canadian, a quarter Russian and an assorted number of other nationalities, including one…someone shouted Omani!! and everyone began cheering again…and that was put in the documentary.

As the watch was worth $5,000 retail, I started the bidding quite low, and was expecting to go up in small increments. I also had decided that I wanted to buy the watch but my limit was around OMR1,000. Before I had even opened the bidding, a shout went up for OMR1,500 from Salha! At which point I had to stop the bidding!

The bidding went at a furious pace until OMR 10,000 where I had to pause again, just to catch my breath and reconfirm that they knew what they were bidding for. A watch…with 2 velco wristbands. The dry humour of that comment got another great laugh.

One of the high bidders was quite keen on getting the watch, but unbeknownest to him, directly behind him, was another bidder, who was only intent on spoiling his bid. Whenever bidder number one bid, the bidder behind would immediately up the ante just to annoy bidder number 1. Hilarious for anyone with my view of both parties. Frustrating for bidder number 1!

Eventually the watch went for OMR 14,000 and it was almost a relief when it went, as the bidding was such a tense affair towards the end!

School Visit Wed 6th May 2009

Wednesday 6th May 2009

IMG_0565cAfter only arriving in Bahrain on Tuesday, I went the very next morning to a school to see the kids. I had been there before the expedition and they were so enthusiastic and well behaved, it gave me a real buzz to be there. So despite hobbling from my battered toes, I wanted to go for a quick visit before my flight to Muscat and see them again.

And what a reception I got! I was recieved by a tunnel of applauding kids and then had an hour and a half of attentive questions and answers, before having to cut short so I could catch my plane…and then 2 days later I got this message from one of the teachers…

Nabs, I just want to share with you something that happened yesterday at school. I teach a group of 6 kids who share varying degrees of dyslexia. One of the boys was having a really big moan at me as he hates to do the word searches that I give them to do. I told him that maybe he doesn’t like them because he is not too good at them, but if he practises he will get better. He was having none of it. One of the other kids pipes up, ‘Remember what Nabs said? He said that he did not like to get up every morning and walk. But he still did it. Nabs said you have to keep on trying and never give up.’ With that my little word search hater smiled and got back to work. Thought you might like to know that you have made a difference in my little group’s lives! Take care of yourself, E x

Nabs Has Arrived At The North Pole

Wednesday 29th April 2009

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to write a quick message:

Thank God Nabs has arrived safely at the North Pole, achieving his goal. Thanks to everyone for your prayers, your well wishes and your support.

Crossing The Finish Line

Crossing The Finish Line

Will have an update very soon for you!
But i just wanted to pass on the great news!



The going gets better and “Sinbad” – 28th April, 2009

Tuesday 28th April 2009

Updates courtesy of Polar Race:

The going gets better and “Sinbad” – 28th April, 2009

Teams reported in tonight having made excellent progress on the flatter ice and now better conditions over the Noice Peninsula. When one considers that in the 2005 race we had one team – “The Gentlemen Adventurers” (James Laban and Will Morton) – cover the distance from Checkpoint Three (albeit 15 miles shorter) in under 24hrs one gets an idea just how bad conditions are and just how difficult it has been. Our Checkpoint Team is also still up in the running despite carrying extra weight from the last Checkpoint.

All to play for yet!

All will arrive at the Pole and the finish line tomorrow barring injuries.

What is needed now are some planes and weather conditions they can fly in and some snow they can land on.

Global warming is here.


Another famous Omani!

Sindbad - Another Famous Omani

Sindbad - Another Famous Omani

Before night falls tomorrow Nabs will be saying his prayers to the Lord our creator.

The first Arab to walk to a Pole. A terrific effort as it was not at all easy for him. He was suffering from severe Arctic “shock” in the first few days of being here especially when the temperature hit -51 degrees. Without the extreme patience and understanding of his team-mates Claire and J-P it could well have been a different story. J-P to use an old phrase has been a “brick” throughout shouldering a lot of the load, while Claire who is as strong as an ox laughs at every opportunity. The fact that they will probably finish 3rd overall reflects the progress they have made as a team since training week.