Leading with Lollipops

Tuesday 17th July 2012

From Matt Morris…

This is such an AWESOME perspective on leadership…

I HAD to share this with you because pretty much all success in life boils down to leadership in some way shape or form.

And Drew picks apart the reasons so many of us have a hard time with accepting the fact that we ARE leaders in everyday life that this video could be a major turning point in your life starting today!

Many people are either too afraid to claim leadership or completely unaware that they ARE leaders because of the labels and grandiose idea of what leadership is.

We’ve made leadership about executive titles and earth shattering change when in reality, it’s often times the simplest and smallest acts of kindness, guidance, humor, insight, and inspiration that have life long lasting affects on people.

You’re a leader with influence everyday in your life and most of the times you display your leadership you never know how you’ve impacted another persons life but the fact remains that you do!

And as Drew so brilliantly states, as long as we continue to make leadership bigger then us and as long as we continue to make leadership about HUGE global changes in the world, we give ourselves an excuse to not to expect it everyday from ourselves and from each other.

Watch this video and share it with EVERYONE! Send this link out to everyone you know will benefit from this. BE a leader and create a “lollie pop moment” for someone today!(Watch the video and you’ll understand)


Monday 16th July 2012

How many times have you heard, “Do something you love! Do something you’re passionate about!”?

It’s great advice because when you DO find that passion, ALL of your power comes out and NOTHING can stop you.

But… (There’s always but right? ;-)

Many people I come across in life have never truly experienced passion for what they do. They understand it intellectually but passion is expressed and driven by emotional energy more so than intellect. So much so that often times it appears irrational to the outsider looking in.

Passionate people through the ages have been ridiculed, labeled as looney toons, and ostracized by society and tried to be contained.

Thomas Edison’s teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything”. He was fired from his first two jobs for being “non-productive”.

Jack London received six hundred rejection slips before he sold his first story. (After about 20 rejections slips, most people would consider it irrational to think it was destined to do anything other than fail)

Albert Einstein did not speak until he was 4-years-old and did not read until he was 7. His parents thought he was “sub-normal,” and one of his teachers described him as “mentally slow, unsociable, and adrift forever in foolish dreams”. He was expelled from school and was refused admittance to the Zurich Polytechnic School. He did eventually learn to speak and read. Even to do a little math ;-)

Colonel Sanders got 1009 rejections before he got his first yes!

But these people are all famous and well known so what about the rest of us? Is a life driven by passion in the cards or even possible for us?

That’s what I want you to decide today in this edition of Motivational Monday. And before you can decide if it’s possible for the “average” Jane/Joe to live a life full of passion, you have to have an idea what TRUE passion looks like if you haven’t yet experienced it.

So today, I want to do my best to display what it looks like to do something your passionate about by finding someone who isn’t famous and doesn’t have a well known story. Because having fame or fortune behind you sort of creates this “false illusion” that those people MUST be different or better than the average person somehow because they are well known and famous. (HINT: How and why do you think they are well known and famous? It’s because of their passion that drove them to do extraordinary things that have inspired us for years)

You don’t necessarily have to make your living doing something your passionate about. Ideally that is the goal and 9 times out of 10 there IS a way to earn a living doing what you love but here’s the kicker.

When you find something you’re passionate about, something that authentically feeds your soul and drives to you get up and obtain it each and every day, what you do for a living becomes a means to fulfilling that passion and that’s perfectly fine because at that point, what you do to earn money, simply becomes part of the process in fulfilling that passion and therefore, drives you to excel at your work making you more successful at what you do anyway.

That’s overlooked sometimes and I think it’s important to understand that aspect because many people give up on the things they are passionate about simply because they have not found a way to make money from them yet.

So what does passion look like?

Passion creates insane, almost inhuman endurance and resistance to limitations and drives success… PERIOD!

Passion has no bounds, no limitations, and no obstacles that cannot be overcome to reach it. Passion doesn’t know excuses and isn’t afraid of failure, in fact, passion EMBRACES failures as part of the process.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly.” ~ Robert F. Kennedy

As an inventor, Thomas Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

When you are driven by passion, NOTHING else matters except doing what fills your heart and soul with fulfillment and fills your mind with wonder and intrigue.

It’s almost an obsession with what you love.

And I’ll tell you something else, when I saw this 86 year old woman doing what she’s doing in this video, it screamed PASSION (and no it’s not anything inappropriate ;-)

So I thought this video was a GREAT display of an ordinary, regular person who is not famous or even very well known exercising passion.. When an 86 year old lady is knocking out gymnastics moves like this, it displays a life long passion where nothing, not even the common excuse of “I’m too old” will stop her from doing what she loves! She’s not doing it for accolades, for fame, for fortune, and not for recognition…

Simply because she’s passionate about it!

It’s inspiring :-)


Friday 13th July 2012

What does it take to create real success in life?

Talent? Hard Word? Luck?

It’s actually a combination of all of those things but one thing ALWAYS stands out as the defining factor.


You’ve seen a ton of videos of people displaying perseverance here on Motivational Monday. From Nick Vujicic to Derek Redmond and beyond.

We’ve heard amazing quotes and speeches from highly respected and admired people like Will Smith, Jim Rohn, and Zig Zigglar.

And every successful person talks about it because perseverance is such a HUGE determining factor in not only success but overall self image, value , and fulfillment in life.

So I got curious to see if I could find any studies on perseverance.

Perseverance is how you break records, beat the unbeatable opponent, win the un-winnable game, close the un-closable deal, and rapidly transform your life!

It’s one of the biggest key factors in how you WIN in life and in this video psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth, PhD explains the effects in terms of results when perseverance is in play and how we can amp up our perseverance or what she calls “grit”.

Most of us know it as “getting out of your comfort zone” but when you here what that actually DOES for you based on the results found in these studies, I think you’re going to be more excited than ever to truly get out of your comfort zone!

Perseverance is a huge part of success and to put it in it’s most simple terms, it’s a toughness in your own soul. It simply means you are not just willing but there is NO other feasible option for you than to go further than your limitations.

Whether those limitations be internal in your mind or your heart or whether they be from opposition or competition.

Each time you take one more step, one more breath, one more action, spend one more second than your limitations do, you WIN!

Perseverance is being tired but doing it anyway…

Being scared but doing it anyway…

Being uncertain but doing it anyway…

It’s not necessarily about beating people, it’s about being better than you believe you can be. Being stronger than you think you are. And going further than you think you are able to.

And I can tell you from first hand experience that you 100% absolutely WILL amaze yourself when you push harder than you believe you can.

It’s a simple but incredibly powerful shift in your mind where excuses don’t fit, can’t isn’t welcome, and stopping is not possible.

You push, pull, plow, go over, under, around, or through ANY and EVERY thing that gets in your way… PERIOD!

It’s pure grit, will, and unseen strength.

Perseverance comes from a place of powerful humility.

It’s an amazingly powerful feeling when you cross that mental line in your head and things that seemed impossible yesterday become a very real, tangible reality today.

In this next half of the year, lets all focus on perseverance and becoming better than our old best!

It’s an AWESOME feeling and the tangible rewards or pretty fun too!

In Tribute to Tom Hoobyar

Monday 25th June 2012


As a young sailor I learned that when you’re in a strange town, you take your corners wide and keep your hands out of your pockets. In other words, you need to stay balanced, alert and ready to react to surprises. Come to think of it, that’s a pretty good rule in ANY unfamiliar situation. Keep your balance and stay centred.

Human beliefs about reality are either arbitrary or accidental. Choose to be arbitrary when possible. It’s wise to choose beliefs that support health and happiness, so, whether or not things happen for a reason, I choose to believe that they do. It consoles me and makes me more resilient in dealing with life’s inevitable ups and downs.

There’s a reason why every spiritual tradition in history urges prayer and meditation — it’s an antidote to the confusions of life. Protect your personal boundaries and respect those of others. Pay attention to where you stop and others begin. Stay centred.


This was told to me by a Bishop on a first class flight and a prostitute in Athens, years apart, and it’s true. We all have aches and pains, loves and fears. We breathe the same air, sit in the same traffic, see the same television, and walk the same earth. Although we’re fed a lot of junk about our differences, people everywhere have MUCH more in common than they have differences. If you focus on our commonalities, you’ll be more at ease and get along better with everyone.


Our actions are driven by either fear or love. Fear of consequences, real or imagined, accounts for a lot of human progress, and a WHOLE lot of human tragedy. Love on the other hand, drives us to invent, to create, to grow and to give. Think about which quality you want governing YOUR life.


Everybody is the “good guy” to themselves. Everyone is the star of their own movie and has reasons for what they do, even if it sucks, or doesn’t work, or is downright evil. So don’t waste time complaining about them — figure out how to manage, tolerate or avoid them.


This means that most people are so distracted and disorganized that they only attend to the most essential, critical or familiar things in their lives. They are on “auto-pilot” most of the time — and are you so sure you’re not?

Your priorities are not theirs, so don’t take it personally when you’re overlooked, un-thanked and your call is not returned. Everyone listens to their favorite internal radio station — W.I.I.F.M. — standing for, “What’s In It For Me?” Self-interest is natural and healthy, and you can use this understanding to pilot yourself in and around other’s desires. Selfishness carried to an extreme, however, is a vice with a terrible price.


Are you self-conscious? Most people are. They’re walking around, worried that people may notice their missing button, their bad hairdo, their poor credit, and their general shortcomings. And they will appreciate the person who makes it clear, in word and deed, that they’re just fine as they are. Nobody’s perfect. The biggest pretenders are the most insecure inside.


The biggest and most important influences in your life are created by little daily acts. Floss, save, exercise, meditate, say thank you, smile. Doing the right little thing at the right time can make more difference than a grand gesture performed too late. The most important qualities in life are managed by these regular acts done on a daily basis — spirituality, health, wealth, relationships, and the building of your personal character. All are created by daily habits — not some dramatic one-time gesture.


People map out their own personal Hell with moral shortcuts, regrets about lost opportunities, resentment and guilt. Then they add jealousy and envy, and they’ve entered Hell’s suburbs and are starting to lose all joy in life. Those who avoid doing anything that requires effort — physical exercise or forgiving or doing something for someone else — grow more narrow and less flexible day by day.

By the time they get to “downtown” Hell they’ve got a pretty bad attitude about almost everything, it seems like the world doesn’t love them. And they’re right — it doesn’t, because they’re toxic to be around . Pretty soon their immune system gets the message and their afflictions begin — their relationships are desolate and life becomes a drag. When they look ahead, their future looks just like their past. On and on. And that is Hell.


When you choose this approach your life turns Heavenly, bit by bit. It doesn’t take much, just some daily attention. You invest in good memories, by choosing your daily behaviors so that you can enjoy looking back on your life.

You create your Heaven by small acts of generosity to others, making them smile and feel better. You create it by little acts of courage — doing the right thing when no one but you will ever know you did it. That brings self respect. You create it by telling the truth, even if it’s inconvenient or embarrassing. That brings credibility and trust. And makes you careful about what you do, or what you commit to doing.

You know you’re in Heaven’s neighbourhood when you notice the amazing number of things in life there are to be grateful for, even if your thanks are silent and private.

You build Heaven by stretching sometimes, to try something new or a little scary, and learning that you are more flexible than you thought. Humans are the most flexible beings on this planet, and it feels good when you fulfil your nature.

Then as you age, Heaven becomes a bigger influence in your life and on those around you. Your life expands even as your physical abilities contract. You laugh a lot, and enjoy more contentment and peace than you ever thought possible.


You can turn your life around in a moment by simply deciding to make it better. You can learn something life-changing at any time and begin changing your life immediately.

Experience comes in moments — and the moments will keep coming for you until they finally stop. How do you want your next moments to be? It’s up to you.

Each moment is a gift and the chance to make a different choice comes to you each second. So choose, and let your life become a celebration.


Tom Hoobyar

Planning Director, NLP Comprehensive

(Excerpted from “Friendly Persuasion” and “The Wizard Behind The Curtain”, by Tom Hoobyar)

Matt Morris # 90

Wednesday 20th June 2012

From Matt…

At lunch I overheard some people talking about something that they said was impossible. They both started spouting off illustrations of exactly how impossible it was.

“It’s as impossible as humans flying…”
“It’s as impossible as a blind guy riding a bike…”

And they kept going on and on re-enforcing that belief and idea in their minds about who this thing was impossible to do.

They were sort of chuckling and having a laugh and I thought to myself, some of those things these guys said were impossible have already been done.

Then one of them said, “It’s as impossible as swimming or surfing in the ocean with no arms!”

And it instantly made me think, “People set their own bars in life and how they think determines how high that bar is raised. Swimming or surfing with no arms might SEEM impossible but that’s just because of the limited view point and lack of innovative ideas to MAKE it possible…”

Then I started searching on my phone while my lunch got cold and wait… what’s this? Could it be…”

Forget swimming or surfing in the ocean with no arms…

That bar has been raised and it’s just plain AWESOME!
Check out the video here:

Make Life Count

Tuesday 29th May 2012

Every opportunity comes with a clock…

When I thought about the core message of this Nike commercial, I wanted to share it because it’s such a simple concept and that can mean the difference between an amazing fulfilled life to a mediocre life that leaves you wondering if “this is it”, “is this ALL there is?”.

What’s the messages?

Life is a sport, make it count!

Then I thought… How do YOU make it count? Because that looks different for everyone. For some people it’s traveling around the world like the guy in this commercial. for other people it’s different.

But one thing stays constant to us all…

It’s about action and success is not something that is bought or sold…

It’s EARNED through action so make that action you take toady and everyday and every moment count!

2 of my favorite quotes in this video are:

“You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough…” ~ Mae West

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years!”

It’s not a dress rehearsal, it’s the real deal everyday right here and right now.

Kid MAKES a Star!

Sunday 27th May 2012

I absolutely LOVE stories like this! When any person says “NO” to no, and relentlessly pursues what they want, it inspires me.

But when this kid said “NO” to no and said forget wishing on a star, I’ll just make one, I cheered him on and it got me thinking of all the things that are possible for you, me, and everyone in the world.

It’s a short video but talk about inspiring, motivating, and impressive! It’s all three of those things and then some when you really grasp what this young man has done.

Seriously, this is a PRIME example of BIG thinking, in fact, it’s pretty much thinking without limits and when you do that, just watch what can happen.

If a 14 year old boy can make a star in a jar, what are the limits? Where do we say, “No, that’s not possible”?

I say we DON’T say it and we search to find every reason why we can instead of any reason why we cannot.

Make today the day you remove some limits from your thinking and say “NO” to no. Better yet, say “YES” to yes and see what happens in your life.