Roger Federer

Friday 3rd September 2010

I am not really a fan of tennis but some things are just so brilliant you have to acknowledge the skill…

Genesis Egypt part two

Wednesday 4th August 2010

The papyrus deciphered – it has a UFO on it! – Video presenting proof by author Wayne Herschel – The Hidden Records – That Ra came down in a celestial ship and the shocking evidence as to what it really looked like. It was a disc with a dome that shone like the Sun, a disc that had three legs like a tripod. New evidence backed up with a lot more other evidence of the Disc landing on the Sphinx of Egypt!

Part two reveals the papyrus that shows everything and it is indisputable evidence of UFO’s as ancient history… ancient Aliens!

It will challenge history and the human origin theory and rock the foundations of all religions. Wayne Herschel, author of The Hidden Records has all the historical detail online at:

The Solomon Key is mirrored with a Vatican secret. The obelisks in Rome seen in Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons trailer, the Washington DC layout as well as the original star map of Hiram Abiff with the lost symbol deciphered.

Douglas Hanson Luke

Thursday 24th June 2010

I met Douglas 4 years ago during the HAC recruits course and we got on very well. Neither of us pursued the HAC and slowly lost touch until he moved to Bahrain around 2008. Since then we have been in touch a lot more frequently and now SpiderPig works for him in marketing, after he was impressed with her handling of my North Pole PR and marketing.

He was recently interviewed on CNBC…

Countries for Long-Term Strategic Investors –

Mikael Strandberg

Sunday 15th November 2009

Thanks to my trip to the magnetic North Pole, I was contacted by Mikael Strandberg!!!

Mikael Strandberg was born in 1962 in Sweden. He started his professional career as an explorer 19 years ago. The multitalented Mikael is currently working as an explorer, a lecturer and a writer. Mikael has also produced three internationally renowned documentaries for television “PATAGONIA – 3,000 kilometres by horse” and “THE MASAAI PEOPLE – 1,000 kilometres by foot” and his much awarded, “-58 degrees – exploring Siberia on skies.”

Strandberg is a Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society, The Explorers’ Club, Travellers Club and The Long Riders Guild.

He was voted Explorer Hero by National Geographic in 2002.

He is the first Swede to lecture at the Royal Geographical Society since Charles John Anderson, 1867. And at the Explorers Club in New York, where he has lectured twice.

Strandberg is considered as one of the worlds 50 most important and famous explorers by The Royal Geographical Society in London, together with, for example, Sir Edmund Hillary, Jane Goddall, Reinhart Messner, Borge Ousland, Wade Davies, George Schaller and many more. They’re all featured in the book Faces of Exploration.

Strandberg was explorer-in-residence at the American Museum of Natural History in New York 2007, which meant he will be part of their lecture and guide team made up of the worlds foremost scientists.

And today, I got to meet him and Pamela, his partner. He seemed such an ordinary helpful bloke, its hard to imagine all the trials he has been through. We didn’t have much time to talk, but it was a privilege just to meet briefly and be able to say I know him.

Two Men Went to War

Thursday 24th September 2009

This movie was one of the many 2020, the military extra’s agency that I was registered with in the late 90’s, worked on.

Based on a true story, Sergeant Peter King of the Army Dental Corps, too old to fight, and Private Leslie Cuthbertson, a trainee dental mechanic in the Corps, are thrown together by their passionate desire to see active service. Armed with just two revolvers and a dozen grenades, King persuades Cuthbertson to join him on a mission to occupied France.

In a letter to Winston Churchill, King explains their intention to invade France and fight the Germans. After a number of failed attempts, they finally arrive by boat and stumble across a German radar station. They succeed in blowing-up what they believe to be the main Operations Room, but are soon forced to make their escape as the entire compound unexpectedly erupts with gunfire and explosions. After narrow escapes from the Germans and a stray mine in the Channel, the two men are picked up at sea and interrogated as spies.

Two men went to war

Identified as deserters, they are returned to their barracks to be court martialled. At the eleventh hour King and Cuthbertson are saved by the arrival of Major Merton (Derek Jacobi), Churchill’s Chief Intelligence Advisor. Their letter has been received in Whitehall and Merton corroborates their heroic story. Exonerated of lying, King and Cuthbertson are nevertheless reprimanded by the Court for their behaviour, but receive an invitation to tea with the Prime Minister should they ever be in Whitehall.

A crazy, but inspiring true story, of bravery and stupidity in equal measure!

West Ham v Liverpool

Saturday 19th September 2009

Torres double

As I drove to watch the game, I was suddenly struck by the thought that I have been doing the same routine for almost 12 years, going to the same bar, ordering the same drink, eating the same meal…and I was suddenly overcome by a blanket of futility, that can probably be best described as similar to when the main character decides to sell his season tickets to the Red Sox in the US film adaptation of Fever Pitch.

In all that time, we have never won the league, and this year isn’t looking much better. A spiral of negative emotions and thoughts were swirling around me as I drove on, but luckily, I was able to break that vicious circle. After all, I enjoy watching Liverpool play! And we have had some great triumphs, not least of which was Istanbul, probably the greatest night in football history. (not if you support AC Milan obviously!)

By the time I got to “Champs” I was back on an even keel, only to watch one of the most disjointed Liverpool displays I can remember. This certainly was not enjoyable, but in the end, 3 bits of individual magic, not team play, pulled us through, papering over the cracks of one of the worst defences in the league! Who would have thought, Jamie Carragher a liability…

Lone Survivor – Marcus Luttrell

Sunday 13th September 2009

I just finished reading his book, and although it wasn’t the best book I have ever read, I still read it within 2 days. The writing was well below the standard of Patrick Robinson, the ghost writer, the views were very right wing and narrow minded, and sometimes mis informed.

But it was also a great true story of courage and sacrifice. Marcus doesn’t pretend to be anything except what he is. A good ol boy from Texas and an enlisted SEAL. And although I listed that as a critisism above, I also think it is one of its strengths. There is no spin, and so it is an honest and humble account of his experiences during Operation Red Wing and more disturbingly watching his close friends die in his arms, and his turmoil as he suffers Lone Survivors guilt.

It is very hard not to become enamoured with him as an individual, and seeing him on the speaking circuit, you know you would be priveleged to have him as a friend…and god help you if you are his enemy!