Sponsors and Partners

Naming Sponsors

Mount Everest 2010

Mount Vinson 2010

Magnetic North Pole 2009


Sabco Group

North Pole Documentary

Mt Everest telecoms


Watch Supplier

North Pole Telecomms

Other Sponsors







Desert Line Projects


Admin Support

Media Partners


North Pole Coverage

gulf daily news

Expedition Summaries

Contributors to Charity

Data Media Systems

Pearl Community Bahrain

Club Travel

Children's Hospital Ireland

Breast Cancer Charity UK


Breast Cancer UK

3 Responses to Sponsors and Partners

  1. Colman says:

    Nabs, mentioned your trip to Liam – Said it would be a good idea to get the Club travel logo to the NP…he is half convinced. He’ll be at the wedding so after he gets a few drinks into him, nail him for sponsorship….I will do the intro.

  2. Great site…keep up the good work.

  3. Heba Hashem says:

    I find this expedition to be highly exhilirating. The daily updates in your diary are SO interesting!! Beautiful photos as well, and what a remarkable accomplishment to reach the polar ends of our globe. It couldn’t have been that easy..

    Although I can imagine the rewards in terms of scenery and tranquility, in addition to breaking one’s own boundaries and exceeding expectations.

    Thank you Nabil for bringing attention to numerous critical issues and asepcts of our earth with your fantastic journey. And thanks for sharing it all.

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