Food Glorious Food

Saturday 8th January 2011
San Sebastián de La Gomera

Image by Leo-setä via Flickr

Lesson of the day – 14 people and thousands of packets of dried food, in the heat, don’t necessarily mix…So quickly we split up.

Jamie, Anna, Nabs, Dan, Jen, Beth, Suzanne and Colin have been food packing while Shaun, Roger, Ben, Guy and Mike have tackled the boat prep.

We have finished all the calculations for calorific value and are about half way through vacuum sealing the daily rations.  Snacks are tomorrows task – if only lifes real decisions were as simple as “chocolate” or “walnuts”…

It’s been great for the boys working on the boat to be able to take a quick dip in the Ocean to get rid of the heat.  Our boat workshop area is right next to two beaches in San Sebastian. Britannia has had another coat of deckpaint so she looks nice and sparkly for departure and the watermakers are now in!

More family and friends arrive in La Gomera tomorrow bringing some last minute equipment.  We’re looking forward to seeing our new sheepskin seat pads, made by Devonia in Buckfastleigh.  They are the sort of pads made for fighter jet pilots so should withstand the pressure of 30 days at sea.

Thanks also go to Nivea, Sandbaggers, and of course Be-Well.  Without our delivery from Nivea we would be suffering in this sun, and i’m sure we will all dream of Peronin and Be-Well Lamb Pilaf and Hot Cereal Start tonight…we’ve seen a lot today.  Be-Well are Woodvale’s Food partner and have very kindly sponsored the Atlantic Allum Cup.

Amigo is almost ready to go. Ole and Serge are chomping at the bit to get out on the water and test their equipment.  Their families and friends have arrived and are all getting busy stuck in with packing.  Serge tested his lifejacket today for the first time and nearly got blown off his feet!

The weather is looking good for our departure.  The winds are in the right direction, to push us out and across, and we have been keeping a close eye on one of our competitors who left 2 days ago.

Another night in the Blue Marlin is looming again…Manolo would miss us if we didn’t visit.  He is still joking about doing a crossing at some stage…maybe next year??